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We are Dallas sex therapists and sex addiction therapists with many years of working with men who pay for sex as well as pornography and other problematic sexual behaviors.

At Dallas T.O.P.S we understand the nature of sex buyer behavior. We know how to help you or a loved one stop.

Our research and specialized training allows us to deeply understand the behaviors of sex buyers as well as the unique treatment approach needed for true, long term healing to happen.

We help clients take steps toward integrative healing on all levels, cultivating a more empowered self with the ability to have healthy, connecting relationships with self and others.

We have specialized training and experience and we are Certified Sex Addiction Therapists (CSAT) because we are passionate about helping people heal. We understand what it means to be a guide on your journey.

We want to help you and your loved ones heal. It’s what we do!

TOPS Program

T.O.P.S. is a therapeutic program developed by Pennie Carnes.

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Facts About Sex Buyers

  • 1 in 5 men or more have paid for sex.
  • Most of the men who have paid for sex wish they could stop their behavior
  • Paying for sex is about more than sex; most men have insecure attachment, trauma, touch deprivation and more.
  • Traditional deterrents such as arrest, John Schools, and sexually transmitted infections are not enough to create the change needed to fully stop the behavior
  • Change is about more than stopping the behavior. Change includes learning about the psychological factors influencing the behavior.
  • Recovery is possible.

  • Reach out and get help and support today. Come out of the isolation and loneliness.

    Who Buys Sex?

    Sex buyers are individuals who pay for sex or sexual services. There are numerous ways this demand is met. Some common pay for sex behaviors include, but are not limited to:

    Partner Support

    Hear how paying for sext
    hurts the ones we love.

    Transform your life and
    heal the betrayal trauma

    We have created a dedicated treatment approach to supporting partners in their healing journey. This treatment approach offers a track for partners who have discovered their husbands have paid for sex. Our model is rooted in understanding betrayal trauma, healing attachment injuries and core wounds, creating connection, and facilitating empowerment

    At first, a lot of focus is on the pay for sex behavior. Often, the betrayed partner is left alone, in pain and fear. Successful couples who heal from pay for sex betrayal trauma, both get support to heal, first themselves, then the relationships. We are guides for the partners early and often.

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